Happy Birthday!

October 5, 2020

Miss Gracie was an absolute trooper today!  She woke up and went "pee-pee-poop-poop" like normal and laid down next to me like always for just a little while before she started "panting..."‚Äč

I alerted the boys to tell them that she was experiencing the symptoms of labor - so I tested the theory with the temptation of a cookie.  Pre-labor Gracie would have devoured such cookie but today - not so much.

Convinced we were going to have some action - we prepped her puppy palace (aka whelping box) and put her in, that was at 8:00am...

By 2pm when nothing had happened - just the relentless panting - we started doing other things (moving furniture, putting up Halloween decorations) you know, just to kill time.  By 10pm - I gave up hope and figured it was a false alarm and we all went to sleep by 10:45...

11:00pm - I hear scratching and digging and nesting sounds and looked up to see that her water had broken.  I screamed out for the boys to come on down and "let's do this" - by 11:10pm our first baby boy was born - Mr. Beaker Findley Jr. at a healthy 15.7 oz. and the rest was history...

Gracie did incredibly awesome - she was an absolute trooper!  Never cried or whined, just had a bewildered look on her face when the pups were coming.  She let us all help her with the clean up - we had no issues with any of the pups - all lively, feisty and BEAUTIFUL!  

She is an awesome mommie and is doing great!